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100. Vegetarian Rolls (2pc)  $3.99

Crispy vegetarian (deep fried) rolls w/ sweet & sour dipping sauce.

101. Fresh Salad Rolls (2pc)  $5.99

Fresh veggies and Shrimp or Tofu wrapped in soft rice paper. NOT fried.

102. Fried Wonton (8pc)  $5.99

Seasoned ground chicken stuffed in wonton & deep fried.

103. Golden Bag (8pc)  $5.99

Crab meeat & cream cheese deep fried to a golden perfection.

104. Shrimp Roll (6pc)  $7.99

Shrimp in Thai seasonings, served w/ sweet and sour sauce.

105. Satay Chicken (4pc)  $7.99

Marinated grilled chicken served w/ peanut sauce & cool cucumber dip.

106. Thai Dumplings (6pc)  $6.99

Steamed wonton stuffed w/ ground chicken, bamboo & water chestnut.

107. Edamame  $5.99

Steam soy bean. Choice of favorite spicy sauce or salt on top.

108. Papaya Salad  $8.99

Shredded green papaya, string bean & carrot, mixed with flavorful sweet & sour spices Thai style.


Your choice of vegetables & tofu, chicken, shrimp, or mixed seafood.

150. Tom Yum Soup  $6.99

Hot & sour soup w/ mushrooms, lemon grass, chili paste, and lime leaves.

151. Coconut Tom Kha Soup  $6.99

Chicke in Coconut in hot & sour broth w/ mushrooms, onion, lemon grass, chili paste and lime..( Large served with Steamed Rice )

152. Wonton Soup  $6.99

Wonton stuffed with seasoned ground chicken in broth & veggie.


Your choice of vegetables & tofu, chicken, shrimp, or mixed seafood.

200. Noodle Soup  $11.99

Choice of sliced beef and meatball or chicken, delicious broth, onions, cilantro and fried garlic.

201. Duck Noodle  $13.99

Boneless duck, savory broth, onion, cilantro & fried garlic garnish.

202. Noodle Tom Yum  $13.99

Hot & sour soup with chicken & shrimp, Thai style.


All dishes served with steamed rice. No substitutions.

250. Thai Salad  $12.99

Thinly sliced beef or chicken with hot chili peppers, onion, cilantro and lime juice.

251. Larb Salad  $12.99

Ground chicken, made w/ Thai herbs and spices, zesty lime/fish sauce mix, onions cilantro.

252. Nam Sod  $12.99

Ground chicken mixed w/ ginger, scallion, roasted peanuts, and red onion in Thai spices and lime juice.

253. Yum Woon Sen  $12.99

Clean bean thread noodle with ground chicken and shrimp mixed with ginger, scallion, and red onion in Thai spices and lime juice.

Lunch Specials

Monday - Friday 11am-2pm.. Served with Jasmine rice only.

300. L#4 Spicy Bamboo Lunch  $9.99

Ground chicken stir-fried with bamboo shoots, carrot, green bean, basil leaves in chili paste sauce.

301. L#7 Teriyaki Chicken Lunch  $9.99

Grilled marinated chicken w/ vegetables.

302. L#5 Mussaman Curry Lunch  $9.99

Creamy coconut milk cooked w/ potato, onion, carrot and roasted peanut.

303. L#6 Thai Fried Rice Lunch  $9.99

Stir-fried with rice, egg, onion, celery, carrot.

304. L#3 Nam Sod Lunch  $9.99

Choice of tofu & veggie or ground chicken, mixed Thai herbs dressing and red and green onions, cilantro and lime juice.

305. L#2 Meat & Vegetables Lunch  $9.99

Stir-fried assorted vegetables, broccoli,cabbage, Napa cabbage & carrots.

306. L#1 Chicken Noodle Soup  $9.99

Rice noodle chicken in our delicious broth, onion, cilantro & fried garlic.

Curry in Coconut Milk

All dishes served with steamed rice. No substitutions.

350. Red Curry  $11.99

Red curry cooked w/ bamboo shoots, bell pepper and basil.

351. Green Curry  $11.99

Traditional curry w/ zucchini, bell pepper, bamboo and basil.

352. Yellow Curry  $11.99

Sweet curry with pineapple, onion, and tomato.

353. Mussamum Curry  $11.99

Rich, mild Thai curry with potato, onion and roasted peanut. A rustic flavor.

354. Panang Curry  $11.99

Creamy curry peanut sauce with string green bean and carrot.

Fried Rice & Noodle

400. Thai Fried Rice  $11.99

Fried rice Thai style with egg, carrot, onions and celery.

401. Spicy Basil Fried Rice  $11.99

Spicy fried-rice w/ eggs, bell peppers, onions, carrots and basil leaves in our roasted chili paste.

402. Curry Fried Rice  $11.99

Thai fried rice with egg, pineapple, onion, basil and choice of meat.

403. Pad Thai  $11.99

Traditional Thai style rice noodles in egg and our special Thai sauce, crushed peanuts and lime on the side.

404. Noodle Kee-Mao  $11.99

Stir-fried rice noodles, egg, mixed vegetables, basil w/ chili sauce.

405. Rad-Nah  $11.99

Soft wide noodles w/ broccoli and carrot in brown gravy sauce.

406. See-Yaw  $11.99

Soft wide noodle stir-fried w/ egg, vegetables in brown sauce.

407. Noodle Ma-Ma  $11.99

Assorted vegetables stir-fried w/ egg in savory brown sauce.


All dishes are served with steamed rice. No substitutions.

450. Chicken Teriyaki Entree  $11.99

Grilled marinated chicken w/ steam vegetables.

451. Meat & Vegetable Entree  $11.99

Assorted vegetables stir-fried in savory brown sauce.

452. Cashew Entree  $11.99

Stir-fried cashew nut, bell pepper, carrot in chili paste sauce.

453. Thai-Basil Entree  $11.99

Stir-fried onion, green bell, basil leaves in chili paste sauce.

455. Ginger Entree  $11.99

Stir-fried fresh ginger, celery, mushroom w/brown sauce.

456. Sizzling Com Entree  $11.99

Onions, bell pepper and mushrooms, carrot, pineapple.

457. Spicy Bamboo Entree  $11.99

Ground chicken stir-fried with bamboo, basil, carrot, green bean, basil leaves, chili paste sauce.

Chef Specials

Specials include salad w/ ginger dressing and steamed white rice. No substitutions.

500. Curry Fish  $17.99

Deep fried fillet with bold flavors of pineapple, onion, carrot & broccoli in yellow curry sauce.

501. Mussel Basil  $16.99

Steamed and stir fried in our chili sauce w/ basils and onion.

502. Crispy Duck  $19.99

Half boneless tender duck, deep fried and served w/ our sweet chili sauce.

503. Salmon Teriyaki  $17.99

Grilled salmon w/ teriyaki sauce on a bed of steamed vegetables.

504. Tilapia Chili-Basil  $18.99

Deep fried whole tilapia fish and fresh chili basil sauce.

Side Order

550. Egg Fried Rice (no meat)  $5.99

551. Brown Rice  $3.99

552. Steamed Rice  $2.99

553. Steamed Vegetables  $3.99

554. Peanut Sauce  $2.99

555. Salad w/ Ginger Dressing  $3.99

556. Cucumber Salad  $3.99

557. Steamed Noodles  $2.99